I was wrongly accused of criminal trespassing and was arrested at my house in front of my family. I pleaded my innocence and insisted that they had the wrong person, but no one believed me. Ms. Sanchez investigated my case and was able to present to the prosecutor and police that they had the wrong person. I am so glad that my family hired Ms. Sanchez to represent me. She drove down from Phoenix to Sierra Vista on multiple occasions and didn’t quit until the charges were dismissed. Thank You!

Junior, Sierra Vista

I was faced with over $140,000 in business debt and was no longer part of the business. The collectors were calling my work, my family, and my home. I was so embarrassed that my finances were completely out of my control. Ms. Sanchez helped me qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and guided me through the entire process. She made me feel comfortable and gave me a clean slate. Thank you Ms. Sanchez!

James S.

Being arrested for an Extreme DUI, I was very scared and nervous of not only spending time in jail but of my immigrant status. Ms. Sanchez walked me through the process and was by my side throughout the entire ordeal. Ms. Sanchez was able to reduce my DUI from an extreme to regular which also reduced my jail time and fines substantially. I’m really happy I chose Ms. Sanchez and would highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Jose D.

I was facing a class 4 felony forgery charge and deportation. Ms. Sanchez fought for me and helped me get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor. My immigration status is saved!

Mario B.